Charitable advisory services

charitable advisory services

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Charitable advisory services provide clients with a single point of contact to handle all of their charitable concerns. Not only do these professionals understand the legal aspects of nonprofit organizations, but they are also familiar with the tax regulations. The attorneys can also help you with estate planning and the administration of endowments. This way, you can avoid probate and have your affairs in order. This will make it easier for you to make your donations, and you won’t have to deal with the IRS.

Charitable Advisory Services is a New York-based consulting firm founded in 1999 by Barbara Ernico. Previously, she served as the Executive Director of Easter Seals and as the Administrator of an Intermediate Care Facility. Since then, she has focused on nonprofit administration and community building, and she has served as a volunteer board member of several charities. She also serves as a PANO Peer Reviewer. To learn more about the firm and its services, contact BLBB Advisors.

BLBB Charitable Services is a full-service firm. BLBB’s attorneys provide assistance and guidance with all aspects of nonprofit organization planning and administration. Whether you’re looking for tax advice or guidance, they’ll help you get the most from your nonprofit organization. These attorneys also provide advice and strategies on the financial aspects of philanthropy. The firm’s services include corporate law and securities matters, including initial public offerings (IPOs), subscription agreements, and other transactions involving private ownership and capital.

BLBB Charitable is managed by Nicole Tell, a former attorney and Executive Director at Easter Seals. Prior to starting BLBB, she served as the Executive Director of a regional Intermediate Care Facility. With over 40 years of experience in non-profit administration, she has extensive knowledge of tax and regulatory law, and she also serves as a peer reviewer for the nonprofit sector. A client may hire BLBB Advisors to help them meet their philanthropic objectives.

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BLBB Charitable’s legal team handles tax and nonprofit law. Its attorneys handle a wide range of issues regarding the nonprofit sector. BLBB’s attorneys also help nonprofit organizations establish their tax and governance structures. The lawyers advise clients on ESOPs. They can also help with the legal requirements of nonprofit organizations. During the formation process, an attorney will evaluate your fund and determine whether you are ready for a Donor Advised Fund.

In addition to tax law, BLBB offers philanthropic legal services. The attorneys at BLBB Charitable help nonprofits and foundations set up their philanthropic goals and manage legal and compliance issues. They also help clients create their own succession plans and make sure they achieve their charitable objectives. In addition to these, BLBB also offers ESOPs and a number of other financial services. This service is ideal for organizations seeking to establish a new Donor Advised Fund, including the establishment of an ESOP.

BLBB Charitable’s CEO, Nicole Tell, has decades of philanthropic and governance experience. She has served as the executive director of an Easter Seals organization and as an administrator of a community care facility. Her diverse background in nonprofit administration includes advising on foundation grant-making and community building. She also serves as a Peer Reviewer for PANO. BLBB Advisors can assist with philanthropic planning.

BLBB Charitable was founded by former attorneys Barbara Ernico in 1999. She served as the company’s President and CEO until 2008, where she served as the Executive Director of an Easter Seals Foundation. She has a wealth of experience in nonprofit administration, having served as the Executive Director of a nonprofit and administrator of a community care facility. She has also served as a Peer Reviewer for the American Endowment Foundation.

BLBB Charitable is based in California. The firm provides a range of philanthropic advisory services. The attorneys are experts in tax and compliance issues, as well as in estate planning and succession. BLBB has a proven track record in helping nonprofits meet their goals. The nonprofit sector has many opportunities to benefit from BLBB Advisors. Whether you want to give to a foundation or become an independent sponsor of a Donor Advised Fund, the professionals at BLBB can help.

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